It is the first day of my quest for a trash-free year.  Time to layout definitions and rules.


Trash – any item that cannot be composted, recycled or reused here in Hawaii that would normally end up in my trash can at home, at work or while I am out and about.

Recyclable – any item that can be accepted for recycling here on Oahu.

Compostable – any item that will break down into soil if I put it in a compost pile or worm bin.


  1. The experiment starts on January 1, 2011 and ends on December 31st, 2011.
  2. Since this is an experiment to challenge my everyday choices of 2011, which is primarily consumer choices, any choices I have made before January 1, 2011, do not apply.  For example, I still have boxes of rice milk that I purchased in December 2010.  Rather than donating them to avoid the net non-recyclable containers that the milk comes in, I will continue to finish them and do my best to reuse them if possible.
  3. “Trash” items that are given to me when I do not have a choice in the matter do not count.  This would include things like gift wrapping, and disposable plates and eating-ware.  I will do my best to recycle, reuse or compost the items, however refusing them will not be allowed as the point of this experience is to challenge my own personal choices.