At the end of my first week of my year-long experiment, I learned basically two main things:

  1. It seems almost impossible to be completely trash-free and still maintain a somewhat modern lifestyle. (I will keep trying, though.  I still have 51 more weeks to go.)
  2. Most of what I used to just throw away can actually be composted. (If you compare the two photos below, the amount of compost-able trash is really quite remarkable.)

Compost me!

Trash I Still Have Yet to Figure Out What to do With

The reason for the increase in waste since the last time I posted my “trash,”  is because I…

  • flossed more with the “bad” floss
  • bought two bathing suits (tags, plastic tag holders, plastic stickers, receipt)
  • drank a fizzy beverage (bottle cap)
  • bought lettuce (veggie tie, receipt)
  • took home yummy Thai food from a restaurant (chinese take out container with metal holders)
  • drank more tea (tea bag and paper)
  • accidentally used couple paper towels (so hard to break that habit!)

Plans for Week 2:

  • Build a trash can compost container (my house that I rent came with a compost pile, but my dog thinks it is his secret poop spot so I am going to try the container route)
  • Research bulk items that I will need to buy soon when my 2010 products start being used up
  • Finally get some biodegradable dental floss
  • Experiment with compact container ideas for restaurant left-overs

Thanks for all your support, comments, ideas and links!